Friday, 16 July 2010

A Study On The Future Of E-Commerce As Opposed To The High Street

Interactions in the real world of shopping are mainly based on face-to-face activities between consumers and service personnel’s, but with the emergence of the Internet, retailers are beginning to offer consumers a different approach to shopping. This study illustrates how shopping patterns have changed with the emergence of the Internet and how retailers and consumers have adapted to the change. Consumer perception towards online shopping was explored via a survey, with results showing that Internet shopping is a part of many peoples life. Retailer interviews showed that online shopping was the way forward, but barriers will need to be overcome, such as security and consumer confidence. Quite simply, this study examines attitudes towards online shopping and provides a better understanding of the potential of electronic commerce.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Research Objectives

Chapter 2: Literature Review
UK Retail Market
The Internet
Internet Retail Market
The Internet’s Potential as a New Retailing Channel
Internet Retailing: Threat or Opportunity

Chapter 3: Research Methodology
Scope and Research Objectives
Secondary Data
Primary Data
Criticisms & Limitations

Chapter 4: Analysis & Discussion of Research
Consumer Survey
Qualitative Research: Interview

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Bibliography & References


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