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Construction Dissertation | Climate Change | Sustainable Development | Building

Construction Dissertation - An Assessment into Sustainable Development and Construction within the UK Built Environment

The term Sustainable Development addresses problems such as environmental pollution, depletion of non-renewable resources and most importantly, climate change. These are liable for causing an adverse influence on the prospects for our future generations. Our actions today will allow future generations to develop healthy and content lives. The UK construction industry has yearly revenue of about 100 billion pounds and accounts for 10% of the UK’s GDP. It is the main user of natural resources within the UK. About 2 million people are hired within the industry, equating to a large chunk of the UK working population. The industry plays a vital role in securing the social and economic development of the UK. This industry is responsible for the use 50% of fresh-water supplies globally and accounts for about 50% of all CO2 emissions. Thus, this industry is very closely connected to the issue of sustainability. Therefore it is ideal that it be the responsibility of the industry to take the lead role in achieving a sustainable environment in order to improve the quality of life for all. Sustainable development within the UK built environment means the application of sustainable construction and materials to combat the economic, social and environmental challenges linked with sustainability. The Lancaster University affiliated Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA) building pools education and research activities in Art, Design, Film Studies, Music and Theatre studies in an innovative environmentally-responsible built facility. The 10 million pound project won the honour of being the first higher education building to accept an Outstanding BREEAM rating for both the design phase and the post building stage. This building is now deemed as a yardstick for ideal sustainable architecture in new building developments for educational purposes. This three storey building only has an annual carbon footprint of only 10.3 Kg carbon-dioxide per square metre. In this dissertation, the relationships of sustainability and climate change have been examined and their associations with UK’s construction environment have been studied.

Marketing Dissertation | Consumer Buying Behaviour | Fast Food Consumption

The Impact of Fast Food Consumption Trends on Consumer Behaviour. A Study of Pizza Hut UK

This dissertation discusses the “Patterns and Trends of Fast Food Consumption and its Impacts on Consumer Buying Behavior”. The patterns of fast food consumption in a society show that how frequently the citizens of the society are consuming fast food and spending on the purchase of fast food related items. The patterns of fast food consumption is also helpful in understanding the consumer buying behaviour because the consumption of fast food products has been significantly increased over the period of time in different countries. The knowledge regarding the patterns of food consumption is very important because it significantly impacts the consumer buying behaviour which ultimately creates an impact on the sales revenue percentage and business profitability of the organizations The patterns of food consumption in a particular society are always an important consideration for the organizations operating in the food industry or linked with the restaurant business. This research is based on Pizza Hut UK and the researcher seeks to analyze the consumption patterns and fast food consumptions of the people living within the UK. For this particular study, the researcher has used both primary and secondary data collection methods in order to conduct the study. In order to collect primary data, the researcher has used qualitative and quantitative research methods considering the nature of the topic. The researcher has conducted three interviews with restaurant managers of Pizza Hut in order to collect the primary data. A questionnaire survey also has been conducted with the consumers who are visiting the restaurants of Pizza Hut. The research outcomes show that fast food consumption is high in the UK. The findings of the research also show that high food consumptions can affect the profitability of Pizza Hut in a positive manner. The research findings reflects that the organizational strategies which are formulated and implemented in order to affect the buying behaviour of the consumers have great importance because effective strategies of the firm positively impact the consumer buying behaviour which generates increased sales revenue for the organization.

Marketing Dissertation | Customer Satisfaction | Brand Loyalty | Fast Food

The Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in the UK Fast Food Industry

This dissertation is focuses on identifying the relationship between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the fast food industry. The researcher has considered the case study of the UK fast food industry in order to undertake this research. There are numerous studies which show that increased customer satisfaction results in improved loyalty of the customers with the brand. The customers which are satisfied with the products and services of the company are not price sensitive and they also don’t easily get attracted towards the competitor’s offerings. The satisfied customers always show significant interest in buying additional products which are offered by the organization and it also help a great deal in order to ensure the success of the newly launched brands of the firm in the long run. The customer satisfaction leads to brand loyalty which impacts the profitability of the organizational positively. The business firms which are successful in retaining more than 5% of its customers can easily increase their profitability by 25% to 125%. In the modern world, customer satisfaction is the most important requirements for the businesses and without satisfied and happy customers, there is no guarantee of organizational survival, therefore, it is essential for the firms to modify their business strategies in order to make their target customers happy. The most important consideration is that customer satisfaction results in brand loyalty which will create a broad impact on the overall business results for the organization. One of the biggest challenges nowadays for the organizations operating in the restaurant and service industries is to provide and maintain the satisfaction of their customers and ensure their brand loyalty.

Marketing Dissertation | Branding Strategy | Corporate Branding | Blackberry

Marketing Dissertation | Branding Strategy | Corporate Branding | Blackberry

Branding strategy plays a big role in the success of an MNC in overseas markets. This is because there is intense competition in the market and especially in the mobile phone/smart phone market in which several new players are adding day by day. In order to remain competitive and on the top of the local brands, MNCs need to do a lot more than branding and marketing. They need to properly study, research and evaluate the market in which they are going to commence business as market research id very important for finding the real market scenario. But the main task for these companies lies in formulating and executing a proper branding strategy as it requires a lot of thought and planning.

The branding strategies depend on the type of the product(s) or service(s) to be offered and the area where the company plans to commence its business. This is due to the fact that different products have different kinds of markets and user segments and hence the branding strategy also needs to be specific for each market rather than just following a general standard for all the markets. Several companies follow a standard model approach in their branding and marketing exercises for reaching scale of economies. However in doing so, the company risks of loosing the market share to its rivals and competitors even if they are of lesser quality in products or services. So adapting to local cultures and practices is one way of shaping the branding strategy of some product(s) or service(s) for an MNC.

However certain branding characteristics undertaken by both Apple and Blackberry are still the same in almost all the places including Indian and UK market. Investigating the branding strategy of Apple and iPhone in the UK and Indian market is the main purpose of this thesis. The main research question that was addressed here was: the impact of the branding strategies of Apple and Blackberry on the smartphone market of India and UK. Two quantitative cases in the form of case studies of the two smartphone giants – Apple and Blackberry were conducted. The difference in the marketing strategies can be easily as the iPhone is an example of Product brand strategy while Blackberry follows corporate brand strategy.  It was found that the factors that govern the branding strategy of these companies in the UK and Indian markets mainly consist of corporate image, reputation of the brand, the interests of the shareholders, the complexity of the market and also the cost of marketing in these places.

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MBA Dissertation | Mobile Phone Market | Market Share | Nokia

MBA Dissertation | Mobile Phone Market | Market Share | Nokia

 The Reasons Behind Nokia’s Fall In Market Share

This dissertation seeks to identify the reasons behind Nokia’s fall in market share and the possible strategic options which could be adopted by the company in order to restore a dominate position. Today’s mobile phone market may be seen as one of the most competitive markets in the consumer electronics sector. Large companies such as Nokia, Apple, LG, Motorola amongst others who all compete for a variety of customer segments including the latest smart phones with internet access at the premium end of the segment to the unbranded white box at the budget end of the segment.

HRM Dissertations | Employee Turnover | High Staff Turnover | HR Practices

HRM Dissertations | Employee Turnover | High Staff Turnover | HR Practices

This dissertation focuses on the critical evaluation of the factors which can affect and influence the employee’s decision of leaving the fast food outlet. The organization selected for this research is an outlet at a fast moving McDonald’s outlet. Employee turnover is one of the most serious issues faced by the organizations of the present business world. The human resource management studies show that employee turnover is amongst the most researched phenomenon in the present business world.