Saturday, 27 July 2013

Construction Dissertation | Effective Working | Health Safety | Balfour Beatty

Construction Dissertation An Evaluation of Health and Safety in Construction A Study of UK Construction Industry

This research dissertation focuses on evaluating why health and safety (H&S) is important in the construction industry and how it can impact the overall operational performance of organizations in the construction industry. It is not only moral and ethical business responsibility of the construction organizations to provide safe working environment to their labor force but it is also an important business requirement in the modern world. The organizations operating in the construction industry are required to implement the health and safety systems which will be helpful in ensuring the protection of the workforce from the natural hazards or the incidents which occurs due to mismanagement at the workplace. The construction jobs are considered to be the most dangerous jobs in the economy of the United Kingdom and the main reason behind this is the rate of accidents and hazards were very high in this industry. There are significant percentages of the workers which have lost their lives and have faced major injuries while performing their job related responsibilities in the construction based organizations. The recent awareness regarding the implementation of effective health and safety procedures in the construction companies have resulted in various safety measures that have been taken by the organizations operating in this industry with an intention to ensure the protection and safety of their workers. It is nowadays the Corporate and Social Responsibility of the organizations to provide safe and secure working environment to their employees. This particular research has been designed by using secondary data sources and the researcher has considered the case study approach in order to undertake this research. The case study of Balfour Beatty which is a one of well known construction company of the United Kingdom has been considered for this study. The case study is helpful in exploring the health and safety systems which are implemented by the management of the Balfour Beatty. The data collection method which is considered for this particular study is secondary research method. The main outcomes of the research shows that in the modern world, it is the primary responsibility of the industrial organizations to adopt appropriate health and safety measures in order to avoid any potential damage and ensure the protection of the labor force. The research findings reflect that employees working at the construction sites are playing an important role in the business growth and development of the construction companies, therefore, ensuring the safety and health of the staff members can create a direct impact on the business results of the construction organizations. The outcomes of the research study shows that effective performance of the health and safety department in the construction firms can help a great deal in order to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the H&S related strategies and policies of the organization. The main findings of this research show that health and safety measures are not only crucial for the large construction companies but they are equally important for the medium and small construction based organizations. The research outcomes show that the management of Balfour Beatty is focused on ensuring the health and safety of everyone which is working for or with the organization. The projects of the company are designed and executed in a manner that health and safety of the project team is planned and ensured from day one. The leadership of Balfour Beatty is not only concerned about the safety of its employees but protection and safety of the customers and suppliers is also given importance by the organization.

Research Questions
  • Why it is important for the organizations operating in the construction industry to formulate and implement appropriate health and safety procedures?
  • How effective health and safety measures can be helpful in enhancing the performances of the labor force working in the construction industry?
  • How the construction companies can provide safe and secure working environment to the organizational labor force by promoting the health and safety culture?

Research Objectives
  • To evaluate the importance of health and safety in the construction industry.
  • To identify that how effective health and safety related measures can create a positive impact on the overall performance of the construction organizations.
  • To identify the health and safety procedures that could be helpful in avoiding and preventing any type of damage to the lives of the work force which are working in the construction industry?
  • To assess the role of effective health and safety systems in improving the profit margins of the construction companies.

Marketing Dissertation | Marketing Strategies | Effective Marketing | Cadbury

Comparative Analysis of Marketing Strategy Effectiveness. Cadbury V Thorntons

This research dissertation will discuss the importance of effective marketing strategies which can help an organization to effectively market their products to the target customers. The organization selected for this research is Cadbury and the researcher has examined the marketing strategies of Cadbury and compared it with the business strategies of Thorntons. In the present business world, the marketing strategies of the company can play a huge role in the business success. The way companies are marketing their products to their customers can help a great deal in order to achieve the competitive advantage. The effective marketing strategies of the company are very helpful in achieving improved percentage of business revenues. Cadbury is a well known company and its brands are very famous all over the world. The organizational leadership is focusing in order to enhance the effectiveness of the organizational marketing strategies. One of the main reasons behind the success of Cadbury brands is that management is focused on designing and implementing effective product marketing strategies. In order to conduct this study, a mixed methodology is used by the researcher which consists of both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The main outcomes of the research show that effective marketing strategies are very important for the firms operating in the present business world. The marketing strategies helped the organizations to achieve their marketing objectives which are helpful in achieving the overall business objectives. The research outcomes also show that effective marketing strategies are very crucial for the firms because it provides clear direction to management regarding the business targets which needs to be achieved through the marketing efforts.  The research findings shows that in order to ensure the success of the marketing strategies of the firm, the management need to study the attributes of its target customers very carefully because the courses of marketing actions which are taken by the management after analyzing the target market are more likely to be successful. The main findings of the research also show that the success of the organizational marketing strategies cannot be exactly measured, however, if marketing strategies results in increased customer’s base and improved business revenues then it reflect that marketing strategies of the company are successful.

Research Questions
How the marketing strategies of Cadbury are helping out the organization to achieve competitive advantage over its competitors?
Why marketing strategies of the organization are important and how it can help out the firms to achieve business growth and success?

Research Objectives
To evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategies of Cadbury
To compare the marketing strategies of Cadbury with Thorntons
To identify the impact of effective marketing strategies on the business profitability

Thursday, 25 July 2013

MBA Dissertation | Strategy Making Processes | Decision Makers | SME

There is a body of literature which is suggestive that the strategy making processes of SME firms are largely identifiable with the emergent perspective. However, some scholars also believe that a proportion of SME's utilise fully rational strategy processes. Therefore, with the multitude of arguments surrounding this topic, the purpose of this study is to procure further insight into the strategy-making processes of small and medium businesses. Additionally, the research will examine the objectives of these organisations, and reveal which strategy processes or specific elements can be associated with attaining success. In order to satisfy this raison d'être, empirical research has been conducted, whereby a sample of UK SME decision makers were telephone interviewed and answered a set of questions regarding the strategy processes of their businesses. This data has been presented and analysed throughout this dissertation report, with conclusions and recommendations made for the leaders of SME companies, and for further research to be taken forward from this basis. As a result of the study, it is concluded that SMEs employ various strategies based on circumstances that are individual to their respective situations, and rarely can be seen to implement purely rational strategies, but instead will utilise a collection of eclectic strategy-making behaviours, which may include rational conduct. The main types of objectives reported by participants were; growth; product/service improvement; and raising brand awareness. In terms of strategy processes that brought success to SME firms, behaviours that were most commonly recorded encompassed; having defined objectives; engaging elaborate situational analysis techniques; being adaptive to the dynamic environment; comprehensive planning; and an incremental approach to change. Rather notably, no a priori hypotheses were rendered by the author, and as such the intention of this research is not to evidence the validity of any perspective on this subject, but to gain a purely impartial understanding of this phenomena within the setting of small and medium sized firms, with a view towards imparting new knowledge for the strategic management field of academia. To direct the research with a view towards arriving at findings and conclusions concordant with the purpose of this study, it is apposite to establish a set of research questions, which are as follows;
  • What strategy processes do SME firms utilise?
  • What are the purposes of strategic actions taken by SME's?
  • What strategy processes can be associated with success for SME organisation?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Business Dissertation | Change Management | Virgin Telecom | Leadership

This dissertation is focused on discussing the importance of change and analyzing the factors that triggers change within the firm. The organization selected for this dissertation is Virgin Telecom which is one of the fastest growing companies in the United Kingdom. The importance of change has been increased over the period of time and in the modern world, there are number of the organizations which have started realizing the fact that without ensuring implementation of change, they cannot survive for a longer period of time. The increasing importance of change management programs requires the leadership of the organization to initiate and implement change according to the business requirements. The change within the firm can be implemented when the existing systems of the organization are not helpful in achieving the firm’s objectives and they are not providing necessary support to the organizational employees in order to meet the client requirements. The external and internal environmental factors that trigger change within the organization are very crucial and this research has helped a great deal in order to enhance the understanding of the different factors that drives change. The changes in an organization are of different types which include structural changes, technological changes and changes in the systems and procedures. Regardless of the nature or type of change, the impacts of change on the organizations are always significant. It is essential for the leadership of the company to evaluate the potential impacts of the change process because this will be helpful in avoiding any type of negative consequences of the change implementation. In order to undertake this research, the following research questions have been established;
  • What are the external and internal environmental factors that triggers change within the organization?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts of technological and systems change on the business organization?
  • What impact change management programs can create on the motivation level of the staff members working in the telecom sector?