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Tourism Dissertations

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"Benefits Of Fundraising Events For Charitable Organisations"

"What Are The Regional Benefits Of Food Tourism And How Can The Theme Support The Strategy For Cultural Tourism In The North East Of England?"

Nursing Dissertations

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"What Are Pelliative Care Patients And Their Carer's Perceptions Of The Quality Of End Of Life Care?"

"An Investigation Into Measures Take To Reduce The Risk Of Wrong Site Surgery"

"Evaluation Of Evidence For Practice: Interpretations Of Communication By Significant Others In Critical Care"

"Prevalence Of Schizophrenia In Urban Regions"

"Perceptive of Parental Attitudes towards the MMR Immunisation Programme"

"An Investigation into the Prevention of Perineal Trauma"

"The Predisposing Risk Factors of Breast Cancer"

Building Studies Construction Dissertations

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"The Labour Shortages In The UK Construction Industry And Its Implications"

"Project Management within UK & Indian Construction Industry"

"Establish The Extent In Which Main Contractors Are Trying To Avoid The Adjudication Process"

"An Analysis Into Modular Construction Of Purpose Built Flats - Is This A Valid Solution To Social Housing Within The UK"

"An Analysis Into The Shortage Of UK Construction Skills And Recruitment Alternatives"

"An Investigation Into Factors Effecting The Marketing Of City Centre Apartments"

"An Analysis Into The Impact Of HMO Legislation"

Marketing Dissertations

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"The Influence of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour"

"The UK Mobile Phone Industry - Delivering Value to the Student Segment of the Market"

"Standardisation versus adaptation issues in International Marketing"

"Elements of branding and brand recognition"

"Competition and Oligopoly in UK Supermarket Retailing"

"Effectiveness of Marketing Communication Tools on Consumer Decision to take Credit Cards"

"Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction"

"Retail brands and their value offerings in the UK high street"

"A Strategic Analysis of ASDA"

"The Relationship Between Direct Marketing And The Financial Services Industry"

"Advertising and Semiotics as Meaningful Signs"

"Analysis Into The Key Diversification Strategies Implemented By TESCO Plc"

"In Depth Strategic Market Analysis Of LA Fitness And Its Marketing Activities"

"An Analysis into the Impact of Marketing Communications Activities Initiated by the Boots Company on the Behaviour of its Loyal Consumer Base"

"Are Marketing Methods Becoming Too Intrusive? Focus on Privacy Issues"

"An Analysis Into Strategy Change At Next Plc"

"Factors Affecting Competition & Success in the Athletic Footwear of the Footwear Industry in the United States"

"Brand Identity And Its Affect On Consumer Behaviour"

"Examination Into Youth Brand Loyalty: The Sportswear Industry"

"A Marketing Plan For A Business Operating In The LGV Driver Agency Sector"

"Brand Rejuvenation: An Investigation Into How To Re-Enforce And To Protect A Brand From The Threat Of Consumer Neglection"

"An In-Depth Into Advertising Agency From An Indian Perspective"

"An Investigation Into The Concept Of Relationship Marketing Within The Company Environ Technologies Ltd"

"How Experiential Marketing can Enhance Traditional Marketing Communications in the Business to Consumer Sector"

"Final Year Project: An In Depth Analysis Into Consumer Behaviour"

"Consumer Retail Loyalty: An Analysis Into Tesco"

"The Effects of Advertising and Its Impact on the Consumption of Alcohol by Young People"

"How Consumers Evaluate Brand Extension And The Role Market Research Plays In Extension Success"

"To What Degree Has The Growth Of The Internet Affected Consumer Behaviour In The UK?"

"The Extent Of Strategic Ethical Marketing And The Impact Upon The Consumer"

"An Investigative Study Into Consumer Attitudes And Behaviours Towards Ethical Food"

"The Female Approach To Consumer Decision Making For Traditionally Male Products"

"An Exploratory Study Into Attitudes And Behaviour Of Males Aged 18-24 Towards Male Grooming"

"A Comprehensive Investigation Of Supermarket Differentiation"

"Consumer Loyalty in Retail - An Investigation into Loyalty Schemes"

"Does Celebrity Endorsement Influence Consumers Purchasing Decisions?"

"Are UK Supermarkets Over Selling And Placing Too Much Focus On Fairtrade Products?"

"To What Extent Do Cartoon Characters Influence Children And What Implications Does This Have On Parents?"

"How Does Zara Sustain Competitive Advantage In Europe Without Advertising?"

"How Do Amendments In The Regulatory Environment Affect Marketing Strategies For Tobacco And Food Companies?"

"The Impact and Attractiveness of Web Experience on Online Clothes Shopping"

"The Effects Of Internal Marketing In The Indian Hotel Industry"

"Final Year Marketing Project: Analysis Into Strategic e-Marketing"

"Final Year Strategic Marketing Management Project: Critical Analysis Of The Strategies Of Easy Jet"

"Advertising Of The UK Car Industry And Its Effects Upon Consumer Buyer Behaviour"

"Exploring Differences In Consumer Perception Between Branded And Private-Label Goods"

"An Analysis Into The Consumer Experience And Its Effect On The Hotel Sector"

"Exploring Market Segmentation Within The FMCG Sector"

"An Investigation Into Service Quality Delivery On Cosmetic Websites"

Computing IT Dissertations

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"Can PA Consulting Harness Human And Technological Assets To Make Knowledge-Sharing A Reality?"

"Knowledge Loss At The Intel Corporation"

"A study into the opportunities of implementing an e-HR system at British Energy"

"Management of Change In Information Systems Development"

Electronic Booking Service (EBS) As Part Of A National Modernisation Programme Of The NHS

"Investigation And Analysis Into Website Features That Maintain Consumer Trust For E-Shopping"

"Forensic Computing: Introduced And Defined"

"This Project Aims To Take You Through Extensive Detail About Developing Online Auction Systems"

"Online Consumer Behaviour: An Analysis Using The Technology Acceptance Model And Flow Model"

"Critically Evaluate Consumers' Perceptions Of Electronic Banking Fraud In The UK"

"Is Flexible Working Beneficial? An Investigation Into The Application Of Flexible Working Within Organisations"

"Exploring The Implementation Of CRM Systems Within Call Centres In The UK And Relating The Factors Which Affect The Well-Being Of The Employee"

"To What Extent Mobile Working Has Benefited IBM And Its Employees"

"How Successful Is Online Learning In Higher Education?"

"Limiting IT Project Failure By Integrating An IT Framework For Project Management And IT Service Delivery"

"Analysis Of Business Process Flows & Implementation Of Optimal Networking Architecture For CIMS (Enterprise Resource Planning)"

"Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Solution For Job Task Management"

"A Server Based Content Adaptation Architecture Using Content Switching and Server Virtualization Technique"

"The Impact of the Information Age on Modern Day Society: How do the Internet and Online Gaming Influence Social Capital?"

"Do Poor Corporate Intranet Sites Have A Negative Effect On Staff Performance In A Large Call Centre Environment?"

"The Development Of Interactive Software Engineering Teaching Tools"

"An Investigation Into Cyber-Crime With Focus On Internet Piracy"

"IT Service Management: Best Practices For A Call Intensive Support Desk & Network Operations Center"

"Analysis into Data Management in E-Governance Systems"

"The Software Project Manager’s Conflict: To Allow, Or Not Allow, Change"

"Design, Develop and Implement - An E-Commerce Solution"

"The Jikes RVM Copy Eliminating Baseline Compiler Framework"

"A Mobile Application For Banking Processes"

"Monitoring Data On The Internet"

"Using GIS Maps for Planning of Services"

"Designing and Building a Content Management System"

An Exploration into Knowledge Sharing (KS) in an IT Services Organisation

An Analysis Into Social Networking Websites

Analysis of Modern Day Social Networking Websites

An Investigation on the Evolution of Social Networking Websites

Law Dissertations

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"Investigates and analyses the motivations of engaging in foreign investments"

"Should The Sex Offenders Register Be Made Available To The Public"

"Analysis of Current UK Legislation to Facilitate Business to Business E-Commerce"

"WTO’s Requirements on Insurance Service: The Challenges For China’s Insurance Regulations"

"Are Human Rights Treaties Considered As: "Binding International Law"?"

"Public and Private Regulation of Labour Standards in China: A Critical Analysis"

"Have Police Powers Of Stop And Search Been Increased, Without Adequate Safeguards And Accountability?"

HRM Dissertations

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"Investigation of the Role and Contribution of a Human Resources Department"

"Work Commitment: Full-time versus Part time workers"

"HR Performance Management and Improvement in Coca-Cola Company"

"The Importance Of Flexibility In The Workplace"

"The Significance of Job Satisfaction in a Call Centre Environment"

"An Investigation into the Use of Ability Tests in the Selection Process at GE Capital"

"Main Causes Of Employee Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction Amongst Employees At The Zorlu Textile Company"

"Analyse Whether Part-Time Employees At World Duty Free (WDF) Have Been The Solution To Better Productivity"

"Risk And Innovation: A Cause For Tension?: Identifying And Understanding The Internal Factors Which Influence Risk Taking In NHS Organisations"

"Is the Human Resources Function Essential in Achieving Successful Organisational Change?"

"What Is The Current Practice Of Absence Management At A Large Local Authority"

Finance Dissertations

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"Comparative Analysis Into CSR Across National Boundaries"

"Comparative Analysis Of Environmental Risk Disclosure In German and UK Companies"

"A Study of Online Price Dispersion in the Digital Camera Market: Evidence from a US and UK Price Comparison Site"

"Effectiveness of Strategic Planning and Its Impact on Organisational Performance"

"The Importance of Performance Management in Public Sector Organisations in Comparison to Private Sector: An Analysis of the NHS"

"Econometric Analysis Of House Prices And Mortgage Rates: Focusing On The UK Housing Market"

"Conflicting Theories Of Capital Market Efficiency: A Reassessment Of The Evidential Corpora"

"The Relationship Between Bidder And Target CEO Compensation And Financial Performance: A Case Study Of The 2004 Merger Between JPMorgan And Bank One"

"To What Extent Does The Country Of Production Dictate The Pricing Strategy Employed By A Small Wine Company When Selling To The UK Market?"

"An Assessment Of Risk Management In Banking"

"Were The Concerns & Anxieties Expressed Prior To The Implementation Of IFRS Justified In The UK?"

"A Study of FTSE100 Companies’ Share Price Reactions to Earnings Announcements"

"The Rivalry And Integration Strategies Of Global Stock Exchanges"

"Location Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Real Estate"

"Did Structured Finance Contribute To The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis In The U.S.?"

"The Impact Of Asset Allocation Between Stocks And Bonds On The Portfolio Performance"

"A Cross Boarder Analysis Into Credit Scoring"

"Credit Risk Regulation: Do UK Banks Comply With Basel II?"

"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosure in the Oil and Gas Sector"

"An Evaluation of the Northern Rock Failure 2007-2008"

"Future Of Securitisation, Is Securitisation History? Its Impact And Influence On The Banking Sector"

Economics Dissertations

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"Economic Deflation Concerns in the United Kingdom"

"Does the Merger of an Investment Bank and a Commercial Bank Create Value?"

"Random Matrix Theory and the Analysis Of Financial Markets"

"Analysis of Stock Market From An Investment Mechanism Perspective"

"Analysing the Components of the Gender Pay Gap in the UK - What are the Main Components of the Gender Pay Gap, and to What Extent do they Contribute to this Inequality?"

Analysis Into The Relationship Between Stock Price And Market Efficiencies"

"Global Energy Security Order: Deconstructing The Security Debate"

"Modeling Money Demand Specification For Canada: An In Depth Analysis"

"Analysis Into Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Exchange Rates"

"Spillover Effect Of Foreign Direct Investment On Financial Services: Does FDI Promote Local Financial Development In India?"

"Important Factors That Influence Mortgage Lending, And the Level Of Significance Each One Has"

"The Determinants Of Bank Performance In China"

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Business Dissertations

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"To What Extent Is Stock Market Behaviour Rational?"

"Project Management within UK & Indian Construction Industry"

"Constructing and Implementing the Balance Scorecard"

"Cultural Issues in Strategic Alliances"

"Theories Behind Outsourcing"

"Critical Success Factors of Customer Relationships Management"

"The Multicultural Project Manager"

"The Nature of and Pace of Change in China's Business Culture"

"Management Strategy"

"Clash of Two Cultures: The Daimler-Benz Chrysler Corp. Merger"

"Global Business Strategy"

"MBA International Management Strategy"

"How Will The Olympics 2012 Benefit London’s Image?"

"What Makes A Successful Organisation?"

MBA International Management Assignment: E-commerce

"Global Supply Chain Management"

"The UK Venture Capital Industry"

"How Do Automobile Companies Use CRM To Improve Customer Loyalty?"

"Change Management Within the Retail Banking Sector"

"Analysis Of Business Process Flows & Implementation Of Optimal Networking Architecture For CIMS (Enterprise Resource Planning)"

"To What Extent Does The Country Of Production Dictate The Pricing Strategy Employed By A Small Wine Company When Selling To The UK Market?"

"The Rivalry And Integration Strategies Of Global Stock Exchanges"

"Has Online Shopping Contributed to a Decline in UK Retail Sales"

"Analysis Into UK Mergers and Acquisitions"

"The Impact of TQM on the Service Industry"

"Comparative Analysis Into India and China as I.T. Outsourcing Destinations"

"Analysis of Global Offshoring and Outsourcing Activities - A Measurement of National Competitiveness"

"Managing Supply Chain Vulnerability: Lessons In Addressing Variability and Discontinuity Risks From The Personal Computer Industry"

"The Future Bases For Competitive Advantage In The Telecoms Industry: An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change, Critical Success Factors And Competitive Advantage In The Telecoms Industry"

"A Study Of The Extent To Which Small To Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Effectively Use Strategic Planning And Its Impact On Organisational Performance"

"Strategic Information System Planning In Investment Banks"

"Drivers And Barriers For Internet Banking: A Cross Sectional Study In The UK"

"A Study On The Future Of E-Commerce As Opposed To The High Street"

"The Impact Of Economic Liberization On Indian Textile Industries: Cotton Sector"

"Understanding Superior Customer Value As Basis For Competitive Strategies In The Malaysian Automobile Market"

"Total Quality Management And Its Impact Among Various Sectors Of The Cyprus Tourism Industry"

"Investigation Into The Impact Of Merger And Acquisition Activities On The Shareholders Of Acquiring Companies"

"A Study Of Factors Influencing Organisational Changes: A River Island Study"

"Is Culture Management A Symbol Of Management Progression Or Merely Another Form Of Management Control?"

"An Examination Of Brand Management In The Global Economy With Specific Reference To Sport Branding and Sponsorship"

"Stock Market Reactions To Merger & Acquisition Announcements: UK & US Evidence"

"Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Absence Management Policies And Procedures In Private And Public Sector Organisations"

"Strategic Analysis Of The UK E-Retail Industry"

"Comparative Analysis Of Banks And Market Potential Of Savings Accounts In India"

"The Revised Combined Code And Corporate Governance – An Empirical Study Of FTSE 350 Companies In The Travel And Leisure Industry"

"Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Are They Made?"

"The Influences On Students When Choosing A Bank Account"

"To What Extent Do Companies In The Solar Electricity Sector Apply Corporate Philanthropy"

"A Cultural Exploration of Slovenia in General and in Terms of Business Affairs"

"Supermarkets Versus Wet Market: An Investigation Into Chinese Consumerism"

"Segment The Chinese Consumers Who Are Willing To Pay More For Greenfood"

"The Influence Of Culture On Negotiations In The Context Of International Business"

"To What Extent Does The Internet Influence The Consumer Decision-Making Process?"

"Has European Union Assistance In Terms Of Better Regulations Improved For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’S) Since The Introduction Of The Modern European SME Policy In 2005?"

"To What Extent Do Retained Executive Search Firms Contribute To An Organisation's Business Performance?"

"Analysis Into No Frills And Low Cost Airlines In India: Accounting For Growth, Performance & Comparison"

"MBA Project on Customer Relationship Management – CRM"