Monday, 3 January 2011

New Dissertation Titles

An Analysis into the Use of Sports Marketing As an Effective Marketing Tool and Its Importance to the Marketing Communication Mix

Inventory Optimization Techniques: A comparative Study of the Inventory Optimization Technique Used by Telecom Retailers

Development and Promotion of Tourism in Saudi Arabia

MBA - E-Business Strategy Review Report for

A Study to Highlight the Importance of Brand Awareness in Brand Choice from a Cultural Perspective

An Investigation on How Effective Strategic Partnering is within the UK Construction Industry

MBA - E-Business Strategy Review Report for

A Comparison of the Marketing Mix in a Developed and a Developing Country

How Do Supplier Collaboration Practices Improve Quality and Competitiveness in the Automotive Industry?

An Analysis into Drinking Patterns of University Students

Energy Efficiency Compliance with Building Regulations 2006, for a standard House Type From a Private House Builders Perspective

Barriers to Construction SMEs (Contractors) in Implementing Sustainable Construction

An Investigation about Collusion within the UK Construction Industry

Applying the Framework of Demand Chain Strategy in the Context of SMEs

Employee Branding as a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage A Study of Two UK airlines

Corporate Marketing in the Context of the Network Economy

The Importance of Marketing Metrics and Measurement Tools

What Opportunities Has Broadband Technology Brought To Teleworkers?

An Investigation into Motivational needs and their influence on Social Identification and Behaviour - An Organisational Context

Brand Driven Acquisitions: Do They Create Shareholder Value?

Causes of Asian Financial Crisis - Weak Fundamentals or Investors’ Panic