Saturday, 14 June 2014

Nursing Dissertation | Dementia Patients | Elderly People | United Kingdom

Nursing Dissertation Is Hospital Inpatient Care Meeting the Needs of Elderly People with Dementia in the United Kingdom?

This dissertation focuses on, and assesses whether hospital inpatient care is meeting the needs of elderly people with dementia in the United Kingdom. Dementia has been defined as range of conditions which can negatively affect the brain and result in overall impairment of the functions of the person. Dementia affects the ability of the individuals to spend their life independently and it may also affect the social relationships. Dementia is becoming more and more widespread in all societies including the UK which shows that it is a global problem. It has also become a major health concern in the present era which requires urgent need of action. Dementia cannot be considered only a problem of memory but it also reduces the ability of the patient to learn, retain or recall the past experiences. The feelings and day to day activities of the patients are also affected due to dementia which ultimately results in behavioral and mental problems. The common issues faced by dementia patients is that the attitude and behavior of the staff at the hospitals is not cooperative which may be due to nurses or ward boys in the hospitals don’t have enough knowledge or information about dementia and they don’t have any experience that how dementia patients can be handled. The budgets allocated by the government to provide high quality health care facilities are very crucial for the dementia patients. The statistics regarding the economic impact of dementia reflects that majority of the European countries are spending almost 1% of their GDP on dementia. The aim of this dissertation is to identify whether the hospital inpatient care is meeting the needs of elderly people with dementia in the United Kingdom.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To analyze the most common issues that dementia patients are experiencing while receiving in-patient care in the hospital
  • To identify the reasons why dementia patients are facing the issues while obtaining hospital in patient care
  • To raise awareness among the people and families so that they can make sure that their family members or relatives are receiving the right care essential to fight against this disease

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Construction Dissertation | Sustainable Development | Property Industry

Has The Economic Crisis Impacted The Levels Of Commitment Towards Sustainability Within The Property Industry?

The recent economic crises within the UK, Europe and the world continues to worsen and along with it growing concerns continue to increase over the fragile state of our environment with rising fears over climate change and global warming. Energy security along with the need to secure energy supply has been prioritised as a short to medium term objective by governmental authorities as climate change protocols appear to be set as a medium to long term priority. This hypothesis aims to assess the effects the recent economic crisis is having upon the property industries commitment to sustainability. It will provide an overview of the concept of sustainability, detailing the current constraints and the means by which it needs to be addressed in the future. This research paper will examine the legislations that have been produced to meet future targets within the property industry highlighting key initiatives for future sustainable development. Furthermore, it will deliberate the concept of green development identifying its key strengths, benefits and the provisions required to be incorporated in green leases and developments within the industry. It is essential that sustainability takes more precedence in the future to help curb global warming and in doing so establish the current global recession and its effects on sustainability with the realisation that the property industry must comply to promoting sustainability in order for greater environmental conditions. It seeks to identify the key roles and relationships faced by practitioners within the property industry and the need for mandatory procedures to adhere to regulation and establish greater levels of sustainable development in new and existing buildings. Dissertation objectives;

  • To provide an overview of the concept of sustainability and its effects on the property industry
  • Research the government’s laws and regulations towards promoting green development and betterment towards sustainability.
  • To identify the problems of the economic crisis and its effect upon promoting sustainability
  • To understand and anticipate practitioner’s commitment towards sustainable development and how the lapse in the commercial market and limited bank lending has affected their decisions

Saturday, 19 October 2013

MBA Dissertation | ECommerce | Relationship Marketing | Online | China

Investigation into Customer Behaviour and Loyalty Activities in China’s C-2-C E-Commerce Market (2013)

The increase in proliferation of technological innovations including the internet has transformed the entire business scenario in China. Businesses are slowly shifting from the offline traditional mode of business to present day’s online transaction and exchange of goods and services.  In effect, online business transactions involving consumers, also known as consumer to consumer (C2C) ecommerce are also spontaneously increasing in China. This dissertation aims to establish an understanding on the behaviour patterns, loyalty and trust activities of online consumers within the C2C online business context. This research also aims to establish the effective relationship marketing strategies that can be adopted by online marketers in the C2C business to market their products. This research adopts intepretivism philosophy, inductive approach and both interview and questionnaire research instruments to collect viable information from a number of conveniently sampled interviewees. Information obtained from the interviewees is analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively and at the same time backed up by theoretical information obtained from different academic sources. This dissertation establishes that online consumers exhibit different behavioural patterns, loyalty and trust activities. Issues of security, reliability and vendor reputation play very vital roles in the C2C ecommerce in China. Also, this research establishes that the Chinese people value relationships and that is why the “Guanxi” concept is not only important in the conventional business setup but is also very vital to online transactions. Before engaging in up-sale or down-sale activities, consumers first look into the kind of relationship they enjoy with the product vendor. Knowledge of consumer behaviour, loyalty, trust and relationship building activities is meant to help online marketers to adopt effective marketing strategies aimed at capturing consumer trends. This research aims to establish the right marketing approaches to be adopted by participants in online consumer-to-consumer ecommerce transactions including relationship marketing strategies to be adopted by the same. In light of these aims, this paper adopts the following objectives;

  • To establish consumer behaviour in the consumer-to-consumer ecommerce context
  • To establish the loyalty development activities and patterns of consumers in consumer-to-consumer ecommerce
  • To establish trust development activities of consumers within the consumer-to-consumer ecommerce setup
  • To establish how up-selling and down-selling aspects of relationship marketing impact on consumers during consumer-to-consumer ecommerce transactions

Sunday, 29 September 2013

MBA Dissertation | Corporate Culture | Communication | Research | EC Group

MBA Dissertation | Corporate Culture | Communication | Research | EC Group

This MBA dissertation investigates the importance of trust and open communication within a live working environment. Throughout this study, the researcher aimed to determine the interdependence between trust and communication and employees morale; appreciating that low workforce morale inevitably translates into lower productivity and jeopardises a company’s success. The objectives set by the research were to acquire a critical understanding of the impact of closed communication on employee morale, identifying the causes for such phenomena, and determining effective recommendations for the re-establishment of a strong corporate culture that would foster open communication and build trust throughout the EC Group. The study was deemed important not only on an academic level, where relevant literature is abundant, but even more so with regard to the imminent crisis faced by EC Group, a UK based medium-size, marketing outsourcing company. Indeed, EC Group was facing serious communication problems, and general, increasing, low employee morale, ultimately translating into lower productivity and poorer output quality standards. The literature review, covering thirty academic works, confirmed the researcher’s basic assumptions whereby communication is deeply intertwined with trust, and where the lack of one engenders the other, ultimately resulting in low morale and consequent decrease in productivity. Special attention was also given to corporate culture and the leader figure vis-à-vis the issue of trust. Much in line with expectations, the investigation, conducted through face-to-face quali-quantitative surveys submitted to the entire organisations workforce (i.e., 41 employees with a response rate of 95%) provides the company with a picture of the current situation, highlighting the causes of the identified communication and trust problems. As a result, the researcher recommends specific steps that need to be planned and implemented, in order to reinstate a solid corporate culture able to foster communication and knowledge sharing, progressively regaining employees trust. The study's results and constraints also indicate the necessity for further and deeper research, to be carried out prior to the implementation of the above-mentioned recommendations. This is essential for said culture to reflect correctly and coherently the organisations values and beliefs, in a manner that they can be easily shared and embraced by the workforce. The objective of such research is to provide the company with the necessary input to effectively implement recommendations, thereby restoring an environment of cooperation and re-establishing productivity levels as well as quality standards. Finally, the special attention given to validity, reliability and generalisability proved effective, and render this research a relevant academic work for future analogous scenarios. In view of the research scope and aim, four objectives were pursued;

Comprehend the repercussions of closed communication on employees morale;
Identify the reasons that lead to closed communication;
Explore corporate culture and the leader’s influence on communication and trust;
Make recommendation for HRM to manage the problem of lack of trust and communication within the EC Group.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Economics Dissertation | Trade Barriers | External Trade | European Union | EU

Economics Dissertation | Trade Barriers | External Trade | European Union | EU

After setting up the necessary framework for the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBTs) subject, this thesis study tries to enlighten the removal efforts of the Technical Barriers to Trade within the European Union (EU) and within Turkey. In this respect, this study covers the removal approaches of TBTs in the EU together with Turkey's alignment with the EU in the subject, as required by the Customs Union Agreement. This thesis study also tries to evaluate the importance of different approaches on the removal of Technical Barriers to Trade on Turkish trade with the EU.  This evaluation is prepared by allocating external trade values for product groups into the regulatory approaches of the EU and then analyzing the coverage of these approaches in the total external trade of the EU (15) countries. Accordingly, it is found that most of the Turkish trade with the EU (15) countries may be subject to technical regulations. Moreover, it is observed that the share of the Turkish trade regarding different EU approaches on TBTs evolves over time. In this framework, it is found that the importance of the harmonizing the EU legislation on the removal of TBTs on Turkish exports to the EU (15) has been increasing over the timeline. Additionally, it is observed that the number of product groups that Turkey reveals comparative advantage in harmonized area is increasing over time and thus Turkey is becoming more competitive in the EU (15) market.

This dissertation aims to shed a light on the removal efforts on the TBTs subject in the perspective of the European Union (EU) and Turkey. In this manner, we first set up the necessary framework on the standards and related concepts, namely technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures and market surveillance. Following that, we try to explain TBTs phenomenon and the elimination methods of them. Then, we address the TBTs subject in the EU emphasizing on the approaches on removal of them. In the EU perspective we evaluate the position that Turkey possesses in the subject regarding the Customs Union requirements. After that, in order to detail an EU approach on the subject, we address the new chemicals policy of the EU, REACH, and Turkey's alignment with it. Finally, referencing the EU members, we recover the importance of different approaches on the removal of TBTs for the Turkey's external trade with the EU and we evaluate the competitiveness of Turkey in those approaches.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Business Management Dissertation | Toyota | Organization Expansion

Toyota’s Expansion into New Markets Using the Socialutions Management Model

The expansion of business operations into new markets is an important consideration for most multi national companies (MNCs). An important reason behind this is to increase the profitability of the business by exploiting the opportunities in the new markets. However, organization expansion to other markets is an important strategic business decision which could create a huge impact on the overall business operation. The management needs to consider the various aspects of the business including the available human and financial capital while implementing the decision of business expansion. The decision of the management to expand the organizational operations is a crucial business decision; therefore, it needs to be implemented after conducting necessary research about the new markets. Andersen (1993) believes that when the organization is going to establish its business operations in different countries then it needs to make huge investments in the systems, processes and infrastructure, therefore, it is essential to study the trends and available opportunities in the new markets. There are number of researchers which suggest that the use of management models help to implement the business expansion decision successfully. However, it is important for the organization to adopt an appropriate management model considering the nature of the business activities. The link between the management model and business activities of the firm is very important. Andersen (1993) suggested that it is more appropriate to adopt the management model which supports the business activities because the successful organization expansion to new markets can be ensured only when the management model is facilitating the business expansion process. Galbraith (2005) has also presented an important point of view and mentions that business expansion to new markets requires significant changes in the existing processes, therefore, those management models needs to be adopted which can facilitate and support change. An important point of discussion in this research is that how management model can facilitate the business expansion process.

Research Questions
  • Why are the reasons behind the organization expansion to new markets?
  • What is the role of an effective management model in order to successfully expand the business operations to the new markets?
Research Objectives
  • To identify the impact of organization expansion decision on the business profitability.
  • To evaluate that how management model can help to implement the business expansion plan successfully.
  • To assess the factors which motivates the management of the firm to explore the new markets and expand the organizational operations.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Business Dissertation | Mergers Acquisitions | Steel Industry | TATA

Dissertation Does Merger and Acquisition Enhance Efficiency or Erode Company Wealth?

The focal point of this dissertation is to examine merger and acquisition strategy and to identify whether merger or acquisition enhances the efficiency of an organization, or erodes company wealth. The importance of mergers and acquisitions in the present business world has been significantly increased and the main objective of M&A is to develop shareholders wealth and provide better return to them through increased competitive advantage. The increased competitive advantage can be achieved through increased economies of scale; extension of acquiring firm’s assets and it will also add value to both firms. The term mergers and acquisitions hence refer to all transactions that cause alterations in the possession structure. The significant differentiating feature between mergers and acquisitions is the interdependence between the engaged firms. A merger defines the entire fusion of at least two economically and legally independent firms into a single firm. In this, event one the firms losses independence or becomes subordinate to the other firm. In acquisitions, the legal independence is retained, and the potentially acquired firm’s economic independence is completely lost or limited. In the modern corporate world, the mergers and acquisitions are bringing the companies closer and enable them to join hands to form the larger ones. The mergers and acquisitions are particularly important during the period of financial crisis and it is helpful for the companies to ensure their survival when business opportunities are low and there is less demand of the company’s products and services. The researcher has used both primary and secondary data collection methods in order to undertake this research. The primary data or firsthand information was collected with the help of questionnaire survey and interview method of research and in order to collect the secondary data, the researcher has considered academic journals, academic articles and books which have been written on the topic of merger and acquisition. The survey was conducted by the researcher with the employees of Tata Steel and the responses of the company’s employees could be very crucial because the employees usually have better awareness regarding the impact of business strategies on the company’s financial performance. The researcher has conducted an interview with the Business Development Director of Tata Steel in order to discuss the positive and negative effects of mergers and acquisitions. The research outcomes show that there are many benefits of mergers and acquisitions for the companies which are operating in the modern world. The organizations which are involved in M&A can take advantages of economies of scale and it could also results in reduction in the operational cost of the firm. The mergers and acquisitions can also be helpful for the companies to maximize the shareholder’s return and reduce the financial risks associated with the business. The findings of this research show that mergers and acquisitions could be very harmful for the organizations if they are not properly formed. Therefore, it is essential for the organizations to conduct the necessary research before forming mergers and acquisitions. The main outcomes of the study shows that that there are several factors which have motivated the topic leadership of Tata Steel to acquire Corus which includes strong market repute of Corus and huge business volume of the company.

Dissertation Objectives;

  • To gain in-depth understanding on the different corporate valuation techniques
  • To assess the rationale behind Tata steel acquisition of Corus
  • To establish the benefits and shortcomings associated with foreign M&A
  • Comprehend on the need for growth via cross-border M&A
  • To find out Government rules and regulation on cross-border merger & acquisitions