Saturday, 22 June 2013

Marketing Dissertation | Consumer Buying Behaviour | Fast Food Consumption

The Impact of Fast Food Consumption Trends on Consumer Behaviour. A Study of Pizza Hut UK

This dissertation discusses the “Patterns and Trends of Fast Food Consumption and its Impacts on Consumer Buying Behavior”. The patterns of fast food consumption in a society show that how frequently the citizens of the society are consuming fast food and spending on the purchase of fast food related items. The patterns of fast food consumption is also helpful in understanding the consumer buying behaviour because the consumption of fast food products has been significantly increased over the period of time in different countries. The knowledge regarding the patterns of food consumption is very important because it significantly impacts the consumer buying behaviour which ultimately creates an impact on the sales revenue percentage and business profitability of the organizations The patterns of food consumption in a particular society are always an important consideration for the organizations operating in the food industry or linked with the restaurant business. This research is based on Pizza Hut UK and the researcher seeks to analyze the consumption patterns and fast food consumptions of the people living within the UK. For this particular study, the researcher has used both primary and secondary data collection methods in order to conduct the study. In order to collect primary data, the researcher has used qualitative and quantitative research methods considering the nature of the topic. The researcher has conducted three interviews with restaurant managers of Pizza Hut in order to collect the primary data. A questionnaire survey also has been conducted with the consumers who are visiting the restaurants of Pizza Hut. The research outcomes show that fast food consumption is high in the UK. The findings of the research also show that high food consumptions can affect the profitability of Pizza Hut in a positive manner. The research findings reflects that the organizational strategies which are formulated and implemented in order to affect the buying behaviour of the consumers have great importance because effective strategies of the firm positively impact the consumer buying behaviour which generates increased sales revenue for the organization.