Saturday, 22 June 2013

Marketing Dissertation | Customer Satisfaction | Brand Loyalty | Fast Food

The Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in the UK Fast Food Industry

This dissertation is focuses on identifying the relationship between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the fast food industry. The researcher has considered the case study of the UK fast food industry in order to undertake this research. There are numerous studies which show that increased customer satisfaction results in improved loyalty of the customers with the brand. The customers which are satisfied with the products and services of the company are not price sensitive and they also don’t easily get attracted towards the competitor’s offerings. The satisfied customers always show significant interest in buying additional products which are offered by the organization and it also help a great deal in order to ensure the success of the newly launched brands of the firm in the long run. The customer satisfaction leads to brand loyalty which impacts the profitability of the organizational positively. The business firms which are successful in retaining more than 5% of its customers can easily increase their profitability by 25% to 125%. In the modern world, customer satisfaction is the most important requirements for the businesses and without satisfied and happy customers, there is no guarantee of organizational survival, therefore, it is essential for the firms to modify their business strategies in order to make their target customers happy. The most important consideration is that customer satisfaction results in brand loyalty which will create a broad impact on the overall business results for the organization. One of the biggest challenges nowadays for the organizations operating in the restaurant and service industries is to provide and maintain the satisfaction of their customers and ensure their brand loyalty.