Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Multicultural Project Manager: Exploring Linkages Between National Culture and Conflicting Styles of Management

Many modern business management / culture models used throughout including:

Kolb's Learning Cycle
Hofstede's Culture Triangle and Onion Model of Culture
Garrison's Model of Business Culture and Triangle Model of Culture
Maslow's Value Pyramid
Rahim's Conflict Management Styles
Dulewicz and Higgs' Model of Emotional Intelligence
Turner's Model of Project Management
Law's Framework for Multi-Cultural Project Management
Table of contents
List of Tables
List of Figures

1: Introduction
Competitive Advantage Gained
Research Approach

2: Literature Review
Conflict Management
Emotional Intelligence
Multi-Cultural Project Management
Development of Competencies
Summary of Literature Review

3: Field Research Project
Objectives and Scope
Fieldwork Methodology

4: Results by Country
Great Britain
South Africa

5: Correlations with Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions
Individualism and the Avoiding Conflict Management Styles
Uncertainty Avoidance and the Conflict Management Styles
Individualism and the Accommodating Conflict Management Style
Conclusion of the Findings

6: Analysis, Discussion and Recommendations
Profile of the Multi-Cultural Project Manager
Development of the Multi-Cultural Project Manager

7: Final Conclusions
Personal Learning Review

Appendix 1: Conflict Management Survey
Appendix 2: Survey Results by Nationality

Glossary of Terms


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