Friday, 16 July 2010

A Study Of Factors Influencing Organisational Changes: A River Island Study

The study assesses employees’ perceptions on factors influencing organisational changes and the internal and external factors causing these changes. A study conducted on the retail store River Island, located in a major UK city was undertaken to gain a more in-depth study on organisational changes within a specific retail store, where the literature to date serves to fail. The study researches literature on key internal and external factors influencing organisational changes, giving the reader a better understanding on the reasons for organisational changes and its effects upon organisational structures. Literature examined consists of various studies on organisational changes in a range of industries. An investigation was carried out at the River Island store to establish employee perceptions on organisational changes within their working environment and the effects it has had on them. This investigation is undertaken via interviews of managers and frontline employees to give a variety of views and opinions. Findings of the study are discussed and comparisons made. Limitations and further recommendations for research are also examined.

The aims of the study are:

* To assess employee’s perceptions on factors influencing organisational changes
* To investigate the internal factors influencing organisational changes
* To investigate the external factors influencing organisational changes
* Recommendation for practitioners and researchers for future research

Chapter 1: Introduction
Research Aims
Justification of Study
Scope of the Study

Chapter 2: Literature Review
Internal Factors Influencing Organisational Changes
Performance of employees
Customer Focus
External Factors Influencing Organisational Changes
Environmental Factors
Technological Factors
Cultural Factors
Competitive Factors

Chapter 3: Methodology
Research Design
Qualitative Methods
Quantitative Methods
Case Study
Data Collection Methods
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Data Analysis

Chapter 4: Findings
Table 1: Findings of interviews carried out at River Island
Employee’s perceptions on factors influencing organisational changes
Managers Perceptions
Frontline Employees Perceptions
Internal Factors influencing organisational changes
Managers Perceptions
Frontline Employees Perceptions
External Factors influencing organisational changes
Mangers Perceptions
Frontline Employees Perceptions

Chapter 5: Conclusion
Key Findings from the research
Employees perception on the influences of organisational changes
Internal Factors influencing organisational change
External Factors influencing organisational change
Limitations and Recommendations
Limitations of study and recommendations for practitioners and researchers
Recommendations for River Island

6: References

7: Bibliography

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