Thursday, 15 July 2010

MBA Assignment in Global Business Strategy

This paper discusses the impact of a merger between two motor giants taking 'Global Business Strategy' into context. Contemporary business models are used and all material is referenced throughout. This assignment will prove very useful if you have an interest in Business Strategy.

1: Background

2: World automotive market characteristics
Major changes in the global automotive industry
Recent technological developments in the automotive industry
Figure One: Disintermediation
Key players
Figure Two: Five-force analysis for the global motor industry
Bargaining Power of the Buyers
Bargaining Power of the Suppliers
Threat of New Entrants
Pressure from Substitutes

3: Stakeholder expectations
Figure Three: Stakeholders to a business
Figure Four: Stakeholders and their expectations

4: Weighing up mergers and acquisitions
Figure Five: Four possible ethical stances

5: Evaluation of the merger strategy
Figure Six: DaimlerChrysler European performance

6: Final thoughts

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