Thursday, 15 July 2010

MBA Dissertation on Management Strategy

Includes contemporary models and full bibliography in Harvard style of referencing.

1: Objectives

2: Early model of Management Control-Strategy Relationship
Anthony's Legacy

3: Strategy Literature Review
Structure-Strategy Debate
Planning School versus Emergent School
'Grass-roots' Model
Role of the Middle Manager in Strategy Making
Floyd and Wooldridge Typology

4: Belated Developments in Management Control Literature
Conventional Wisdom
Robert Simons' Contribution
Control of Strategy as Perspective - Beliefs Systems
Control of Strategy as Position - Boundary Systems
Control of Strategy as Plan and Pattern - PMS
MC-Strategy Interplay

5: Issues/Evidence at Middle Levels
Social Control
Participation, Empowerment and Accountability

6: Conclusion
Dissertation Synopsis
Discussion and Future Research

Download Here: Dissertation