Friday, 16 July 2010

The Affects of Illegal Music Downloads on Music Retailers

This project describes how music retailers have been affected by the upsurge of illegal music download. In the presence of illegal music downloads, which are accessible when using the Internet, users are in fact downloading as many music files as possible for their personal use and furthermore for the event of trading, these files are copied into disc and are being sold illegally as pirated copies. Record companies need to unite with their buyers (i.e.) music retailers and use the authority of law in order to prevent such illegal activity to continue and use alternative ways to expedite the process to legality. Throughout the course of this research the above menace will be examined, as questionnaires and interviews are used with the eventual verdict presented in the conclusion. Not only is today’s life vast and improving for illegal traders, but also there exists the possibility and hope that one day this will stop, which will then allow the much needed relief to the legal traders to carry out their business.

Chapter One: Introduction
Statement of problem
Project detail
How the topic has been chosen
Project Aim

Chapter Two: Literature Review
Law and Copyright
Who is BPI?
About the illegal industry
The start and stop of illegal download
The affect on music retailer’s
The users behind illegal download
Actions taken against illegal sites
The type of retailers that sells online music
Cost of Online music
The success for record companies and retailers
The loss on UK music industry
The benefit of the online market
Ansoff’ Matrix
The Micro Environment
The PEST Analysis
Porter 5 Forces

Chapter 3: Methodology
Methods which are used
Quantitative and Qualitative methods
Primary sources
Secondary sources
The Refinements
The Refinement of the Aim
The Refinement of the Objectives
Refined Research Questions
Proposed Methodology
How retailers have been affected in terms of financial matters?
How retailers can make profit in the presences of illegal music?
How music retailers/record companies reduce illegal music?
Selection of sample
Data analysis

Chapter 4: Data Collection and Analysis
Questionnaire results
Analysis of Questionnaires (1 to 20)
Interview results
Interview One
Interview Two
Interview Three

Chapter 5: Findings and Interpretation
Findings from Questionnaire results
Findings from Interview results

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations

Chapter 7: Appendix
Cost of a CD
UK Music Retailers Sales Performance (2002 to 2007)



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