Thursday, 15 July 2010

Critical Success Factors of Customer Relationships Management

The overall objective of this study is to present new insight into the methods that need to be followed in order to achieve the successful implementation of CRM. This research delves into specific profiles of Critical Success Factors for Customer Relationship Management implementation, and namely, customer-focused business strategy, CRM-friendly organisation structure, CRM-savvy organisation culture, CRM success measurements and top management commitment. This study is based, on 'The Seven-S framework', which combines seven groups of characteristics that can ensure an organisation's effectiveness: Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills, and Superordinate goals/ Shared values.


Introduction to the Literature Review
CRM definitions
History of CRM
Fundamental concepts on CRM
The concept of 'customer'
'The Bad and the Good' customer
Valuable customer
Profitable customer
Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management
Customer Loyalty and Profitability
Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction
Loyalty and Customer Value
Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of CRM
Introduction to CSFs
Customer-focused business strategy
CRM-friendly organisation structure
CRM Technologies
Data Warehouse
Data Mining
CRM-savvy organisation culture
CRM Success Measurements
Top management commitment

Secondary data analysis

Introduction to the framework and reasons for its selection
Description of the Seven- S Framework

Introduction to the Analysis
Application of the Seven- S Framework to the CSFs of CRM
Strategy - CRM
Style - CRM
Skills - CRM
Staff - CRM
Systems - CRM
Structure - CRM
Shared Values - CRM

Appendix 1: Customer Types
Appendix 2: Valuable customer
Appendix 3: Customer classifications according their profitability
Appendix 4: Loyalty definitions
Appendix 5: Customer Loyalty and Profitability
Appendix 6: Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
Appendix 7: Loyalty and Customer Value
Appendix 8: Graphical illustration of CRM post-implementation measurable benefits
Appendix 9: Graphical illustration of identifying targeted customers
Appendix 10: Graphical illustration of Customer Value Management
Appendix 11: Reciprocity model
Appendix 12: Example of CRM marketing organization
Appendix 13: Operational - Analytical-Collaborative CRM
Appendix 14: Data warehouse
Appendix 15: Data mining tasks
Appendix 16: Corporate Information Factory
Appendix 17: BSC/CRM example