Thursday, 15 July 2010

Project Management Techniques within the UK and Indian Construction Industry

The report is divided into 5 Chapters. Chapter 1 providing background information on Project Management, the various tools and techniques of Project Management and its relevance to the construction industry in India and UK. An overview of the construction industry is provided in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 comprises of the main research and studies from existing literature with particular emphasis on PM tools and its relevance to the construction industry. Chapter 4 describes the research methodology deployed for this research. In Chapter 5 the analysis and the findings of the survey is presented. The report ends with Chapter 6 where the discussion and the conclusion of the report are given with some recommendations for further research also presented.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Project Overview

Chapter 2: Overview of the Construction Industry
Overview of the UK Construction Industry
Overview of the Indian Construction Industry

Chapter 3: Literature Review
Chapter overview
Definition of Project Management
Functions of the project management in the construction industry
Relevance of Project Management tools in Construction Industry
Project Management tools
Definition and Description of Gantt Charts
Critical Assessment of Gantt Charts
Network Analysis Technique
Definition and Description of CPM
Critical Assessment of CPM
Definition and Description of PERT
Critical Assessment of PERT
Project Management Software
Microsoft Project
Implications of Cultural differences on Project Management approaches in UK and India
Previous Surveys on the use of Project Management tools and techniques

Chapter 4: Research Methodology
Nature of Data gathered
Research Planning
Data Sources
Secondary Data Research
Primary Research
Exploratory research
Conclusive research
Primary Data Collection Techniques
Qualitative Research
Advantages of qualitative research
Disadvantages of qualitative research
Quantitative Research
Advantages of quantitative research
Disadvantages of quantitative research
Methods of Data Collection
Telephone interviews
What can questionnaires measure?
Pilot Testing
Target Organisations

Chapter 5: Findings and Analysis
Theory of Questionnaire Analysis
Findings and Analysis of the UK based construction companies according to their sizes
Interviews conducted for the India based construction companies
Interviews Conducted for the UK based construction companies
Comparison of Findings and analysis of India and UK based construction companies

Chapter 6: Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendation
Recommendations for further research


Appendix 1 Questionnaire
Appendix 2 Interview Questions
Appendix 3 Questionnaire Analysis 1
Appendix 4 Questionnaire Analysis 2
Appendix 5 Interview - Indian companies
Appendix 6 Interview - UK companies
Appendix 7 Key Learning Objectives

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