Friday, 16 July 2010

A Strategic Analysis Of The UK E-Retail Industry

This dissertation is concerned with the strategic analysis of UK E-retail industry. It contains information about UK E-retail industry and is very basis of this dissertation. E-retailing occupies an eminent in the economies of all modern societies. The E-retail sector changing at an ever-increasing rate and this is leading to greater competitor activity. Such activity leads to need to improve the way companies approach E-retail marketing.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Online Retailing in the UK: An Overview
Research Area

Chapter 2: Research Methodology
Research Methodology
Purpose of Research
Exploratory Research
Descriptive Research
Explanatory Research
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Primary Data Collection
Case study Method
Steps in Case study Method
Advantages & Disadvantages of Case study
Secondary Data Collection
Data Analysis

Chapter 3: Literature Review
Growing Importance of E-retail Industry
E-marketing Defined
Online Retailing
The Features of E-retailing
E-retail mix
Process of Internationalization
International Development Position
Trends in Retail Internationalization
The Strategic Dimension
Consumer Behaviour
Customer Satisfaction
Buyer-Seller Relationship
Competitive Analysis
Strategic Perspective
Brand Perspective
Brand Extension

Chapter: 4 Secondary Research
UK: E-retail Sector- Scale & Scope
PEST Analysis
Political Structure & Trends
Economic Structure & Trends
Socio-Cultural & Life style Aspirations
Demographic Structure & Trends
Product & Process Innovations
Case-Study Analysis
Company1: J Sainsbury
Company2: Tesco

Chapter: 5 Primary Research Analyses

Chapter: 6 Generic Findings and Conclusions
Secondary Research Findings
Primary Research Findings

Chapter: 7 Conclusion & Strategic Options
Conclusion & Recommendations
Future of E-retailing

Bibliography & References


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