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MBA Dissertation - Investigation into Management Control Strategy

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Business Management Dissertations

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Type Title / Subject
MSc "To What Extent Is Stock Market Behaviour Rational?"
MA "Project Management within UK & Indian Construction Industry"
BA "Constructing and Implementing the Balance Scorecard"
BA "Cultural Issues in Strategic Alliances"
MBA "MBA Dissertation Written on the Theories Behind Outsourcing"
MSc "Critical Success Factors of Customer Relationships Management"
MBA "The Multicultural Project Manager"
MBA "The Nature of and Pace of Change in China's Business Culture"
MBA "Management Strategy"
MBA "Clash of Two Cultures: The Daimler-Benz Chrysler Corp. Merger"
MBA "Global Business Strategy"
MBA "MBA International Management Strategy"
MBA "How Will The Olympics 2012 Benefit London’s Image?"
BA "What Makes A Successful Organisation?"
MBA "International Management IBM / Dell B-2-B - Business To Business"
MBA "Performance Measurement Concepts and Practises in a Supply Chain Context: A Study of Intel Corporation"
MBA "The UK Venture Capital Industry"
MBA "How Do Automobile Companies Use CRM To Improve Customer Loyalty?"
"Change Management Within the Retail Banking Sector"
"Has Online Shopping Contributed to a Decline in UK Retail Sales"
MBA "Analysis Into UK Mergers and Acquisitions"
MBA "The Impact of TQM on the Service Industry"
MSC "Comparative Analysis Into India and China as I.T. Outsourcing Destinations"
MA "Analysis of Global Offshoring and Outsourcing Activities - A Measurement of National Competitiveness"
MA "Managing Supply Chain Vulnerability: Lessons In Addressing Variability and Discontinuity Risks From The Personal Computer Industry"
MBA "The Future Bases For Competitive Advantage In The Telecoms Industry: An Evaluation Of Drivers For Change, Critical Success Factors And Competitive Advantage In The Telecoms Industry"
BA "A  Study Of The Extent To Which Small To Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Effectively Use Strategic Planning And Its Impact On Organisational Performance"
MSC "Strategic Information System Planning In Investment Banks"
MA "Drivers And Barriers For Internet Banking: A Cross Sectional Study In The UK"
BA "A Study On The Future Of E-Commerce As Opposed To The High Street"
MSC "The Impact Of Economic Liberization On Indian Textile Industries: Cotton Sector"
MBA "Understanding Superior Customer Value As Basis For Competitive Strategies In The Malaysian Automobile Market"
BA "Total Quality Management And Its Impact Among Various Sectors Of The Cyprus Tourism Industry"
MBA "Investigation Into The Impact Of Merger And Acquisition Activities On The Shareholders Of Acquiring Companies"
BA "A Study Of Factors Influencing Organisational Changes: A River Island Study"
MBA "Is Culture Management A Symbol Of Management Progression Or Merely Another Form Of Management Control?"
BA "An Examination Of Brand Management In The Global Economy With Specific Reference To Sport Branding and Sponsorship"
BA "Stock Market Reactions To Merger & Acquisition Announcements: UK & US Evidence"
BA "Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Absence Management Policies And Procedures In Private And Public Sector Organisations"
MA "Strategic Analysis Of The UK E-Retail Industry"
MBA "Comparative Analysis Of Banks And Market Potential Of Savings Accounts In India"
MBA "Analysis Of Business Process Flows & Implementation Of Optimal Networking Architecture For CIMS (Enterprise Resource Planning)"
BA "To What Extent Does The Country Of Production Dictate The Pricing Strategy Employed By A Small Wine Company When Selling To The UK Market?"
BA "The Revised Combined Code And Corporate Governance – An Empirical Study Of FTSE 350 Companies In The Travel And Leisure Industry"
BA "Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Are They Made?"
BA "The Influences On Students When Choosing A Bank Account"
MBA "The Rivalry And Integration Strategies Of Global Stock Exchanges"
BA "To What Extent Do Companies In The Solar Electricity Sector Apply Corporate Philanthropy"
BA "A Cultural Exploration of Slovenia in General and in Terms of Business Affairs"
BA "Supermarkets Versus Wet Market: An Investigation Into Chinese Consumerism"
BA "Segment The Chinese Consumers Who Are Willing To Pay More For Greenfood"
BA "The Influence Of Culture On Negotiations In The Context Of International Business"
BA "To What Extent Does The Internet Influence The Consumer Decision-Making Process?"
BA "Has European Union Assistance In Terms Of Better Regulations Improved For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’S) Since The Introduction Of The Modern European SME Policy In 2005?"
BA "To What Extent Do Retained Executive Search Firms Contribute To An Organisation's Business Performance?"
BA "Analysis Into No Frills And Low Cost Airlines In India: Accounting For Growth, Performance & Comparison"
MBA "MBA Project on Customer Relationship Management – CRM"
MBA "Investigation of the Underlying Principle for Team Working Techniques and Team Working Effectiveness"
BA "Expectations and Perceptions of Consumers in the Banking Industry: The Case of NatWest"
MBA "An Analysis and Evalutaion of Investement Strategies"
BA "Consumers Expectation and Perceptions in the Retail Property Market in London"
BA "The Affects of Illegal Music Downloads on Music Retailers"
BA "Cultural Differences and Aspects of Internet Privacy"
MA "China’s Grand Oil Strategy in a Post-Peak World"
MBA "Inventory Optimization Techniques: A comparative Study of the Inventory Optimization Technique Used by Telecom Retailers"
BA "How Do Supplier Collaboration Practices Improve Quality and Competitiveness in the Automotive Industry?"
MBA "Samsung Corporation and the IT Compatible Supplies Industry: An In-Depth Analysis of the Impact of Brand Image and Its Relevance to Consumer Choice"
MBA "External Finance and Firm Performance : Evidence From China"
MSc "Organisational Decision Making Assessment and Improvement"
MBA "A Study into the Effects of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation"
MBA "A Review into Project Theoretical Concepts and Models in Regards to the Management of Change and Conflict"
MBA "An Examination of Supply Chain Management at Sony Electronics: Does It Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction?"
MBA "A Study into the Feasibility and Deployment of the Four-Factor Asset Pricing Model in the UK Stock Market"
MBA "An Investigation on How Innovative Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage through Effective Management of Technology"
MBA "What is the Criterion for Successful Flexible Working Arrangements? An Analysis into Flexible Working Practices at PricewaterhouseCoopers UK"
MBA "Setting Objectives at LZ Company A Critical Evaluation in Management by Objective Approach"
MA "International Businesses Entry Mode in China"
MA "Do Organisations With Successful CRM Software and Technologies Benefit From Better Financial Performance?"
MA "An Investigation into the Real Estate Industry in China"
MA "An Analysis into the Impact of Knowledge Management on Strategic Planning: Focus on the UK Low Cost Budget Airline Sector"

MBA Dissertation - Investigation into Management Control Strategy