Sunday, 21 October 2012

Solar Power and the Residential Sect

Solar power is a safe alternative to electricity, giving off no harmful emissions. You are only paying for the product and the installation because solar power is actually free. By using this type of power, you can reduce your dependence on foreign fuel, which is a huge bonus for everyone. If you choose not to depend solely upon solar power, then solar energy can be a worthwhile back up system for when your electricity is out.

In this article I hope to give you some ideas on how to use solar power starting today, but I also want to give you tactics that will save you more money even though they may take longer for you to implement. To start, I want to point you in the direction of a site that teaches you how to make a small solar powered generator: This site will be helpful in getting you started on your solar power journey.

Solar energy can be used to power every appliance and electronic device in your home, if done properly, and will save a lot of energy and money in the long-term, if not for some of the older generation then for their children and grandchildren. This can be called ‘an investment in their future.’

Residents in every state are finding ways to incorporate solar power into their every day lives. This may seem like a daunting task, but there some very easy ways that you can incorporate the use of solar power into your life today.

You can change your outdoor lighting system to use only solar power. There are many very attractive options out there for you to choose from. From ground level lighting to tall-standing lamps, the options are wonderful and will bring a true sense of character to your landscaping efforts.

There are also indoor lighting options that use solar power. Often used in off-grid areas, solar power lighting can also be used on-grid. Installation is easy, as is maintenance. You can use some outdoor options inside as well, and won’t need huge solar panels to test solar power inside your home.

There is a spray-on type solar power cell that can also be used. You will find information about this cell type at The company is located in Massachusetts.

Residential gardeners have a few options for using solar power as well. They can use small to mid-size greenhouses and cold frames. They can also incorporate the use of solar power year round by growing certain plants on their window sills.

The purchase and use of solar curtains is a very useful way to use solar power. They can be purchased from many online venues, and will help with heating during the winter months while they help with cooling in the summer. You will be able to see out through the curtains, but no one will be able to see in through them.

There is also the option to use solar film on your windows. The film is placed directly on the windows, leaving you with room for your regular curtains. The film is a great way to use solar power in your home.

Using solar energy to power battery chargers, calculators, and cell phone chargers is possible now, and strides are being made in other areas as well. Using these items can save a significant amount of money in purchasing new batteries and energy use.

A solar water heater would be a great option for any household, and many people in more secluded areas are using sun-heated water bags to shower in a private area outside. Many of you may have used this tactic while visiting your camps during the summer months when you were young. If you wish to opt for the solar water heater, you can visit for some useful information.

If you decide to go with solar panels, keep in mind that you may be able to sell your excess solar power to a utility company. This would be worth looking into, and may make installing a solar panel or two (or more) worthwhile.

Talk with your tax preparer. Are there any specific ways in which you can incorporate solar power into your lifestyle that will earn you a tax credit? This would be worth looking into in order to find out if it will make installing some solar power measures more affordable for you. Be sure to look for tax breaks from both your state government and the federal government.